VCE and Secondary School Tutoring Done Differently

We are more than just the stock standard "tutoring company"

To curate the next generation of relentless problem solvers,

We put a key on:

M E N T O R I N G,
T R A N S F O R M I N G,
& C O A C H I N G

Who are we?



With our combined
5 years of experience tutoring 7600+ hours for 120+ students across 14 schools, to say we love tutoring is a ridiculous understatement.

Our passion for teaching goes beyond the traditional; it's a lively journey of inspiration aimed at bringing out the absolute best in every student. We're not just tutors; we're your partners in the adventure of self-discovery and academic excellence.

Our goal is to turn each lesson into a thrilling experience, making education not just about acquiring knowledge but about unveiling the fantastic potential within each of you.

Personalized Tutoring Programs:
Catered and tailored plans for each student's learning styles, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience.
Expert Tutors for Subjects:
High-quality engagement and targeted support to build to establish confidence in subjects and learning
Joining Kion Coaching, all students lay witness to
Comprehensive Test and Exam Support:
We keep track of all upcoming assessments and provide the perfect practice and preparation material in sessions.
Your potential is just waiting to be unlocked..